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The story behind Jason Everett Miller’s Guide to Being HUMAN entailed costs I willingly paid, even though it negatively impacted those closest to me in numerous ways. I’m starting this journey as my heartfelt way of saying I’m sorry. Any errors, omissions or misunderstandings of thoughts and deeds are purely on me. Mea culpa!

#JEMsGuide is a multi-year, multimedia effort first focused on an autobiography I wrote for my soon-to-be newborn son in case I got hit by a bus, and then self-published on Amazon before pulling it off that platform recently as part of divesting from their services. They still haven’t removed it all the way, so I am reconnoitering instead.

Time to finish that written conversation with my son via a more fluid and tactile medium. Time to involve other voices and experiences for a fuller picture of what it means to be human in the 21st Century.

#JEMsGuideLIVE are biweekly video podcasts streaming live on Facebook with finished productions posted to Youtube a day later. Rinse and repeat until I’ve rewritten all 634 pages of the original manuscript into Jason Everett Miller’s Guide to Being HUMAN, Volume I – Midnight Son. A living, breathing document freely available on the Internet, though all donations are greatly appreciated.

Show airs every other Sunday at 2100, eastern, premiering February 24, 2019. Second show is March 10, 2019, and so on.

Part spoken word of the three chapters being published that episode, part manifesto on the chaotic nature of humans being, and every bit irreverent social media talk show with zero fucks to give and rather large axes to grind.

I look forward to continuing the conversation together. Viva la Evolución!

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Sometimes Juxtaposition joins Serendipity in creating Coincidence leading to Destiny. Deja Vu can’t be too far behind.

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